Meek Mill Wants To Go Back To Battle Rap, DNA Accepts Challenge

Recently Busta Rhymes said that he is willing to jump in the ring with a battle rapper. Now according to his tweets Meek Mill is ready to jump into the ring too.


Painful memories of Can-i-bus’ embarassing loss to Dizaster still linger in the blogosphere.  Mill bragged about his eagerness to battle any rapper and claimed that he has a battle rap record of 100-1 via Twitterrrr. He was reportedly watching the recently released D.N.A. vs E-Ness battle when he tweeted about it.

Meek also claimed that he has a battle rap record of 100-1 racked up since he was 14.

Meanwhile D.N.A. responded by tweeting a warning to Meek and accepting the challenge. Next Summer Madness line up could get interesting if this keeps up. Previously it was taboo for an industry artist to get mixed up in the battle rap circuit. My how times are changing.