Loaded Lux Is Willing To Battle Eminem

Loaded Lux to Eminem: “If He’s Willing, I’m Here”

Loaded Lux 5

Loaded Lux’s second interview with DJ Vlad and Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes, continued with Lux naming his Top 5 face-to-face battles of all time. While Lux began dishing out his five most memorable or influential battles starting with Busy Bee vs Kool Moe D, Lux found himself respectfully calling out Eminem to battle. Given that Eminem is known for his freestyle ability and background as a battle rapper, this would be probably the most epic clash to ever take place in modern Battle Rap history, for Lux is widely regarded as the top lyricist in Battle Rap currently.


Loaded Lux to Eminem: “If He’s Willing, I’m Here”

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