Loaded Lux – “Bout My Money” [Smack Diss]

Loaded Lux 6
Loaded Lux has a message for Smack in his new “Bout My Money” track. Many Battle Rap fans were hopeful that they would get to see Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don at Summer Madness 3, however things didn’t work out due to contractual issues.

Lux has been rumored of requesting $40,000 to battle Hollow, but it appears as though Smack doesn’t want to shell out that kind of cash. Instead he went for a line-up of battlers whose names might not ring bells like Lux or Hollow for his Summer Madness 3 event, for he feels as though the “top tiers” don’t perform up to the level of pay they receive. Smack spoke on his Summer Madness 3 decision in a blog he posted online recently.

Loaded Lux’s Message to Smack: “Bout My Money” (Smack Diss)

Lux responded to Smack’s blog in this new hot track “Bout My Money”. Lux addresses how he held Smack down in the past by apparently doing a battle for free vs Young Miles which earned Smack a lot of notoriety in the battle scene. It appears as though Lux feels as though he deserves to be paid the amount of money that he has requested, and will hold off on battling until he gets it.