STAR Confronts Charlie Clips About Exposing The Ultimate Rap League


Charlie Clips 2

Battle rapper Charlie Clips recently released a vlog in which he spoke publicly about his battle rap career and ongoing problems with the Ultimate Rap League. In the video Clips says that SMACK/URL owes him $8,000. The video amassed 18,000+ views and over 540 likes in the first 24 hours.  STAR [from Battle Rap Media] took issue with Charlie Clips and confronted him on the radio for discussing private phone conversations, meetings and behind the scenes issues.

STAR took issue with Charlie’s vlog and took the opportunity to pull a publicity stunt, err I mean took the opportunity to express his feelings on air. STAR was disrespectful and went as far as calling Charlie a snitch. You can listen to that conversation below:

STAR & Charlie Clips Discuss Charlie Clips’ Vlog About Smack/Url

If you haven’t watched the controversial Charlie Clips video, here it is:

Charlie Clips TV: Clips Speaks On His Problems With Smack/Url & Lost Motivation


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