Witnesses Claim Math Hoffa Snuffed Serius Jones At Summer Madness 3

Hoffa vs Serius Jones 1

Serius Jones instagram

RapGrid.com gave live coverage of the Summer Madness event via webpost. The last installment of the blog stated: “During what seemed to be a dope first round from Serius Jones, Math Hoffa punched him for unknown reasons. ┬áSummer Madness has now been shut down!”

Serius Jones took to Twitter to post pictures of his face and tweeted that he wasn’t hurt but confirmed that Math Hoffa did punch him.

RapGrid.com interviewed some fans as they were leaving the venue and asked them to explain what happened at the show. The interviewees also say there were some words exchanged between SMACK & Daylyt outside after the event was shut down. That interview is posted below:

Rap Grid #SM3 1:25am | Fight with Math Hoffa and Serius Jones | SMACK/URL Summer Madness 3