John John vs JC

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Published on Nov 28, 2013
SMACK/ URL drops another dope match up from their recent Sole Survivor event. This battle is between John John Da Don representing Yonkers, NY and JC representing Pontiac, Michigan. Make sure you attend SMACK/ URL’s next event BORN LEGACY taking place in NY on Saturday December 14th purchase tickets here —-)) or they can be purchased at the door if the event isn’t sold out so we suggest you buy tickets now to insure entry.

KOTD – Rap Battle – Pass vs DNA

KOTD – Rap Battle – Pass vs DNA

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@KingOfTheDot – #BOTB6 – @Pass510 vs @DNA_GTFOH
Hosted By: @LushOne
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Every time DNA battles in King of the Dot, he puts on a classic. His battle with Dizaster has set the standard for all subsequent KOTD battles, racking up more than 2 million YouTube views to date. His battle against Eurgh might have been the best from the stacked card at Vendetta in 2012. And his recent battle versus Charron, booked on only eight days’ notice, was arguably the most entertaining match at World Domination 4. Reppin Queens, New York, DNA emerged on the battle scene as a teenage phenom with frightening potential. Since then, his stock has soared, with invites to every major battle league worldwide. A consummate professional, DNA always gets the crowd hyped with energetic performances, and his freestyle/rebuttal ability makes him a tough matchup for any MC. Judging by his track record, expect another classic from DNA at Battle of the Bay 6.
If there was a Mount Rushmore of West Coast battle MCs, Pass would make the cut. The Oakland native is a respected veteran with notable battles dating back to the Scribble Jam era, and his infamous clash with Hollow Da Don was named the No. 1 battle of all time by website RapGrid. In the ring, Pass is a veritable fact-checker, prone to explaining why his opponents are fake gangsters with nary a blemish on their criminal records. His top-notch flow and projection make it light work for Pass to outshine his opponents. His record includes notable bouts against Philly Swain, Daylyt and K-Shine, with his most recent KOTD battle coming against RemyD. In front of a home audience, Pass should deliver another standout performance.

50 Cent Talks Favorite Battle Rapper, Gives His Take On Battle Rap, Says He Doesn’t See The Profitability In It


50 Cent Talks Favorite Battle Rapper, Gives His Take On Battle Rap, Says He Doesn’t See The Profitability In It


Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with 50 Cent & Kidd Kidd for an exclusive interview. 50 Cent reveals his favorite battle rapper, who is it?

50 Cent Jack Thriller

KOTD – Rap Battle – The Saurus vs John John Da Don


KOTD – Rap Battle – The Saurus vs John John Da Don

The Saurus vs John John Da Don

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Getting his start in Atlanta, John John Da Don has more than paid his dues throughout his eventful career in battle rap. Beginning in the ATL division of Grindtime, John John fought hard to distinguish himself from the pack while the division was still starting up. Weathering the barrage from battle after battle, JJDD eventually rose to prominence through match ups with the likes of Syd Vicious and Lottazay. Since then, John John has worked his way to both King of the Dot and URL stages, taking battles with Hitman Holla, Caustic, and Math Hoffa. Well known for his multiple choice schemes, John John Da Don makes his return to California to show that he still has something to prove to the battle community.
One of the most well known figures to ever take part in battle rap, The Saurus established himself as a legend years ago, but has yet to stop putting in work for the scene. After first turning heads at Scribble Jam, which he won twice, Saurus went on to team up with Illmaculate and run through the World Rap Championships, also claiming victory both times. A progenitor of the multi-syllable heavy style of battling, the Fresh Coast native has spawned hundreds of copy-cats, but remains at the top of the heap for his artform. Having traveled the world throughout his career, The Saurus has squared off with some of the best around, including Dizaster, Dumbfoundead, and Pat Stay, to name only a few. Back in California, the West Coast vet takes on John John Da Don in the next release from BOTB6.

Jin Reflects On His Battle Past Now as a Man Of God



Jin Reflects On His Battle Past Now as a Man Of God


Jin dove into the many deep mental and spiritual beliefs that stem from his strong faith in Christianity. Jin reflected on his past as a Battle Rapper and how his mindset is different now that he has an altered and more aware view of sin. He spoke on the different perceptions of sin and how they translate differently with each person according to their own personal beliefs and self control to refrain from committing sinful acts.