STAR Accuses QOTR Of Using Daylyt For Publicity [2-24-14]

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STAR Accuses QOTR Of Using Daylyt For Publicity


I have such a deep passion and concern for female battle rap… I feel like I have to say something.

I feel like it’s a low point for 40 B.A.R.R.S. who clearly is one of the best in the game. -STAR on 40 BARRS vs Daylyt

STAR from SHOT97 accuses female battle league QOTR of selling out.  STAR reminds QOTR that they used the slogan “Bars Over Everything” in the past. He admonishes them for avoiding a QB vs Math Hoffa battle by claiming that they want to stay away from controversy and then hiring Daylyt. STAR says that he has never ever heard a hot bar from Daylyt. Check out what he had to say at the following minute marks:

02:55 minute mark
09:00 minute mark
15:00 minute mark
24:28 minute mark

40 B.A.R.R.S. Says Hollow Da Don Beat Loaded Lux [40 vs Daylyt Face Off Part 2]

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VLADTV Daylyt vs 40 B.A.R.R.S.  Face Off Part 2

This clip is part 2 of the Daylyt vs 40 B.A.R.R.S. face off. Daylyt asked 40 what she would do if he dropped to his knees and rapped to her “tw*t,” or “p*ssy” but the highlight of the interview was when they began discussing the UW High Stakes Event. Check it out below:

40 BARRS vs Daylyt



Joe Budden Adds More Smoke To The Confusion Surrounding The Road To Total Slaughter Tournament

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Joe Budden Interview | Rap Grid 1-on-1

Joe Budden vs Hollow 1

Joe Budden speaks with Drect about  possibly battle rapping. Key word = possibly. After all the hoopla and the posted pics, we get this whack excuse for an interview which says a whole bunch of nothing. I guess this tournament has already been taped. Still not really sure, but um… you watch it and see for yourself:


Joe Budden Rap Grid



Behind The Battles: Jaz The Rapper Documentary

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Jaz The Rapper Documentary

Found this documentary on Jaz The Rapper. The entire documentary is approximately 45 minutes long. It is broken into 5 parts. The documentary addresses some of the behind the scenes action surrounding JTR’s battles with Skye, K Prophet, Chayna Ashley and QB. It also focuses on the development of her career and features commentary from Norbes, Nuborn, Debo and Nae [Jaz’s cousin].

Behind The Battles: Jaz The Rapper (Part 1/5) | Rap Grid Exclusive

Behind The Battles: Jaz The Rapper (Part 2/5) | Rap Grid Exclusive

Behind The Battles: Jaz The Rapper (Part 3/5) | Rap Grid Exclusive

Behind The Battles: Jaz The Rapper (Part 4/5) | Rap Grid Exclusive

Behind The Battles: Jaz The Rapper (Part 5/5) | Rap Grid Exclusive

Directed by David “Drect” Williams | @drect. Watch the full 45-minute documentary for just $2.99: