Buckshot vs. Ebro – The Impact and Relevance of Battle Rap [HOT97NY Interview]


In an interview entitled “HipHop’s minors & majors argument” Buckshot debates the formula for success in the rap industry. During the conversation battle rap came up a couple times. Skip to the @13:00 and @16:45 minute mark to see the part when they began debating the relevance of battle rap in hiphop.

Buckshot HOT97NY

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Calicoe Vs DNA Was A Definite Disapointment ***messymandella***


DNA destroyed the last smidget of credibility stil left in Detroit’s Calicoe during this battle of awkward proportions.

The battle rap continuation is a build up to the last game changing round.

Now, the formula keeps getting broken and we keep loosing expectations because of the choking and lack of motivation for these anticipated battles.

You did not just show up like you are Jay-Z and we should bow down.

You are not doing the viewers a favor when you get on stage and tell your fans that didn’t pay enough to grace your presence, and hear your costly barz.

Beloved, is still lost and still wants to give privileged knowledge of the BMF Family. In the words of Tsu Surf, “Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Calicoe’s freestyle was basic at best. Then he pulls the Hit Man Holla “I am going to do the rest of the battle cracking jokes.” I did…

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40 B.A.R.R.S : “Fux Wit 40″ Vlog #6


40 B.A.R.R.S – 6th Installment of 40 Fridays

40 B.A.R.R.S. dropped a new “Fux Wit 40” vlog. In this installment 40 announces that her new website will be up soon and that she is still working to bring out a line of new 40 B.A.R.R.S apparel.

40 said that she will begin working on a remake of Nicki Minaj’s  “Lookin’ Ass Nigga” per fan request and says that she  may shoot a music video soon [she is contemplating which song, possibly for her single “Hatin You“] .

During this installment 40 also mentions her upcoming battle with Daylyt. 40 has asked fans to check out the promotional trailers for the battle which are posted on VLADTV and QOTR‘s channel. She also informed fans that they can ask her questions directly or send business inquiries to :   team40b.a.r.r.sbiz@gmail.com

40 Fridays 6B

Published on Feb 15, 2014
40′s 2nd installment of 40Fridays
oovoo: 40barrs
instagram: 40_barrs
twitter: @40barrsboston
email: team40b.a.r.r.sbiz@gmail.com

Fux Wit 40 #6
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