3Letterman vs Chris UnBias [Part 1] Clash of The Bloggers

Muzikal Kombat Banner 3

 3LETTERMAN Confronts Chris UNBIAS on Battle Rap Arena

epic-rap-battle banner

I told you that I didn’t think this shyt wuz ova. 3Letterman has taken center stage in the clash of the bloggers. Here’s the situation as I understand it. I guess Chris UnBias was a guest on Battle Rap Arena recently and 3Letter capitolized on the opportunity to speak the infamous blogger over the airwaves. Here’s the audio of the conversation that happened when 3Letterman called into the show [to talk to Chris].


If you didn’t know, Chris made several allusions to the AngryFan Movement during his latest “The Crown” recap. I’ll be posting that soon. Below is the original video that 3 was referring to. If you look closely you can see that Chris accidentally exposed phone numbers while showing some of  the screenshots.

I believe that this is clear evidence that the blog war will continue….lol, hey…


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