Drect From Rap Grid Has A Radio Show: Check Out Episode 1

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Daylyt Really Thinks He Out Rhymed 40 B.A.R.R.S.


Rap Grid Radio: Daylyt (Episode 1 Pilot)

Congratulations to RapGrid for the first episode of RapGrid’s radio show.   Drect, Dana  and Sonny Bamboo interviewed Daylyt for the pilot episode. At around the 24:00 minute mark they begin discussing the 40 BARRS battle. At one point during the debate Dana [Her Sober Life] starts spaaaazzin’ [that shyt wuz funny].

Daylyt really thinks he out barred 40 though.  Overall, a dope interview,  Daylyt wants people to know that he’s not crazy. Check it out below:

@24:00 MINUTE MARK discuss Daylyt vs 40 BARRS
@35:00 minute mark discuss B-Magic vs Fox fight

Here’s the extended version of the podcast:

Rap Grid Podcast1

@1:22:45 Daylyt says his original 3rd round for 40 B.A.R.R.S. would’ve made her cry