A.R.P. [Rare Breed Entertainment] Threatens To Ruin Battle Rap Media

Muzikal Kombat Banner 3




I’ve been following this loosely up until now but it seems that A.R.P. and Troi Torain [aka STAR] have not been seeing eye to eye. This could turn into to some type blog cyber comedy battle war.

Here’s an hour long vlog where A.R.P. accuses STAR of being a shady business man. Toward the end of this documentary… I mean uh… vlog, A.R.P warns STAR that he might post information further exposing STAR’s shady character and business tactics. To be fair @ 52:30 A.R.P also said that he is not trying to take money out of STAR’s pocket but if he has to address STAR again…


As you can see in the edited clips these guys have been throwing shade at each other during 15MOFE interviews. If you wanna watch the full 15MOFE interviews here they go:


And here’s the first A.R.P. vlog that I think started it all [until now I never had the patience to sit though it]. It gets relevant at around  the 3:24  and 16:00 mark :

I think this might get interesting. STAR likes to talk a lot of shyt…

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