John John Da Don vs Reed Dollaz Was Over Hyped [Leaked Audio]

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If you’re curious like I was to hear the John John vs Reed battle then here it is. JJDD wasn’t as good as they say he was and Reed Dollaz wasn’t as bad they say he was… atleast not going off of the audio. People in the crowd did try to hate on John John early though [payback for the E Ness vs DNA thing I guess].

Overall, I think that the recaps/reviews overhyped John John’s performance a lil’ bit. I’m still looking forward to the footage when it come out though.

N.O.M.E. 4 John John Da Don vs Reed Dollaz Audio:JJDD vs Reed Dollaz comments

40 B.A.R.R.S. Beat Cortez and Got Locked Up?

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40 B.A.R.R.S. In Jail? What Happened?

40 BARRS vs Cortez 140 BARRS vs Cortez 2The other day 40 B.A.R.R.S. battled Cortez at the Black Ice Cartel event. So, I just caught this today while I’m lookin for clues n’ shyt about how the battle went… It seems that somehow 40 got locked up [the day of the show?] out there in Milwaukee.

She joked about it [see pics below] via her Twitter timeline. 40 tweeted that she got arrested for “domestic violence” against Cortez. I’m assuming that she’s being funny but I really can’t figure out what actually happened.

Damn, anybody wanna fill me in on what happened? I guess C3 was there [in jail] too. I’ve been using all of my search engine investigative skills… So far I got nada.40 BARRS JAil Tweets 1

40 JAIL Barrs 140 JAIL Barrs 240 JAIL Barrs 340 BARRS JAil Tweets 2

In the meanwhile, I guess I gotta start phuckin’ wit instagram n’ all dat. I’m a couple days late with all this. Oh, and rumor has it that BARRS played with Cortez and still won. 40 BARRS vs Cortez 340’s funny as shyt.

Ab-Soul Has A One-Round Battle With Daylyt On New Album

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“I came with name flips for days / Tailored just for Day / Peep / I’m expecting Day to base his verse on / Data based on turds / My database said / Day a bass head / But that Day a basehead / Is he dope? / Nope / Who gave Day the base?” –Ab-Soul

Ab-Soul’s new album “These Days…” just dropped, check it out here.