Math Hoffa vs Dizaster: Daylyt Wanted In On The Controversy

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Battle Rap Has Become One Big Internet Reality Show


Dizaster Tweets 5

Word is that Daylyt recently posted the video below on his channel and then took it down. During the video Daylyt admits that he lied about having a deal with Shady Records and then says Eminem called him directly to pull out of some mysterious deal that he had with Daylyt. He says that he does not want the Dizaster vs Math fight to become east coast vs west coast. He even complains that he asked KOTD not to book the Diz vs Math battle. It really gets good when Daylyt says that he battles to promote peace and pulls out a gun.

Oh, and did I mention that he wore makeup the whole time? Check it out below:

daylyt speaks on math hoffa vs dizaster

[UPDATE click here to see the original vid on Daylyt’s channel]

In the meanwhile it seems Dizaster has agreed to fight Math Hoffa in a pay per view fight.  This just gets weirder and weirder Here are some captures from Dizaster’s timeline…

Dizaster Tweets 1Dizaster Tweets 2Dizaster Tweets 3Dizaster Tweets 4

Screen shots courtesy of Diz’s Twitter:

Oh and if you haven’t seen the fight between Math Hoffa and Dizaster, here it is:

Math Hoffa vs Dizaster Fight [Multiple Angles] BOLA 5

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