ThatShitIsHotSunLive: UDUBB Annihilation Event Coverage


Charlie Clips vs. O Red / Annihilation – Charlie Recaps his Battle With Red
JC n Clips


Shotgun Suge vs T Rex / Annihilation – Suge Says T Rex Used the Money Discrepancy as an Excuse


T Rex vs Shotgun Suge / Annihilation – T Rex Explains Why He Walked Off The Stage Mid Battle


K Shine vs JC / Annialation – K Shine Recaps His Battle With JC


B Magic Vs Charron / Annihilation – B Magic Recaps His Battle With Charron


Charron vs B magic / Annihilation – Charron Recaps His Battle With B Magic


Chilla Jones: The Art Of The Scheme

Chilla Jones: The Art Of The Scheme (Animated Interview)


“The Art Of The Scheme” is an animated interview that helps visualize a sit down interview Battle Rap News did with one of the best writers in Battle Rap, Chilla Jones. Chilla Jones breaks down the science behind writing his schemes and gives back-story to why he has become known as an incredible writer in the world of Battle Rap.
Chilla Jones 7

Loaded Lux – “Burning Bridges” [Busta Rhymes Diss]

Loaded Lux – “Burning Bridges” [Busta Rhymes Diss]


Loaded Lux- Youll Never Win 2

ForbezDVD posted a clip from the Loaded Lux diss track for Busta Rhymes. The first time the diss track that was heard publicly was during Murda Mook’s third round vs Lux [Total Slaughter 1]. Check the snippet that has been leaked to the net which is much crisper than the audiovisuals from the tournament:

UPDATE: Full Song Audio Released  –

Pre Event Face Off: O RED vs Charlie Clips

U DUBB Presents: FACE OFF O RED vs Charlie Clips

U DUBB Network battle league is putting on the Annihilation Event July 27th at Prince Hall. Here is the face off between Charlie Clips and O Red [hosted by JayBlac].
Clips vs Red

U DUBB Presents: Annihilation Update #2 Hosts and Special Guest Announcement