CORTEZ Explains The Drama Behind His Battles Not Being Released


CORTEZ: The Untold Truth

Chris from Unbias Review has released a new Untold Truth: Cortez.

Cortez Untold Truth1

Here is the footage from NOME IV’s  controversial T-Rex vs Cortez battle.




Total Slaughter Event Coverage by RapGrid [Post Event]

Two weeks ago [July 12, 2014] Total Slaughter 1 was held at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Here’s some of the post event coverage from the Rap Grid channel.


HOT97’s Ebro Says He’s Been “Converted” Into A Battle Fan | #TotalSlaughter

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Big T Talks About Being On TV And Gives His Winners For Tonight’s Battles | #TotalSlaughter

Charlie Clips May Be on Total Slaughter Season 2 | #TotalSlaughter

Mistah F.A.B. Says His Battle With Royce Kicked Off Slaughterhouse | #TotalSlaughter

Sara Kana, Jus One & Majesty React To Battles | #TotalSlaughter

Norbes – “Arsonal & Mook Had The Best Performance” | #TotalSlaughter

J. Buddhas & Z.M. – “When We Hear What Lux Said We May Change Our Minds” | #Total Slaughter

Sam Scarfo Says He’ll Battle “If The Change Is Right” | #TotalSlaughter

Daylyt on T-Rex Battle: “I Don’t Want Y’all To Like Me” | #TotalSlaughter

Nettie McFly: “Mook 3-0’d Lux” | #TotalSlaughter

Jin Talks About Returning To Battle Rap | #TotalSlaughter

Big Kannon Says Hollow Da Don Beat Joe Budden | #TotalSlaughter

Total Slaughter Event Coverage by RapGrid [Pre Event Interviews]

Total Slaughter Event Coverage by RapGrid [Pre Event Interviews]

Rap-Grid-Logo-SquaresTwo weeks ago Total Slaughter 1 was held at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Here’s some of the pre event coverage from the Rap Grid channel.

Insane Line Outside Of Slaughterhouse Battle Event | #TotalSlaughter

Daylyt: “I Got My Face Tatted, I’m Willing To Die For My Career” | #TotalSlaughter

T-Rex Says He Battled J.R. Writer, Hell Rell, Jae Millz, Mook & Fred Da Godson | #Total Slaughter

Termanology, Ea$y Money & DJ Deadeye Weigh In | #TotalSlaughter

Money Bagz Gives His Total Slaughter Predictions | #TotalSlaughter

Bigg K Speaks On The Best Member Of Slaughterhouse | #TotalSlaughter

Aye Verb On Joe Budden “Ain’t Gonna Last Long” | #TotalSlaughter

Loaded Lux Exposed? Former Manager Files Lawsuit

Loaded Lux Has Been Accused of Being A Fraud By His Former Manager [Trailer]

ForbezDVD has recorded an interview with a man identified as Jack aka Sutek. The man claims to have negotiated the deals for Lux’s last two performances. He  says that he has even coached Lux on how to interview and he has yet to be paid. The actual interview hasn’t posted yet but you can check out the trailer below:

Loaded Lux lawsuit

Dizaster vs Math Hoffa [So What Now?]

Dizaster vs Math Hoffa [Does Battle Rap Encourage Degenerate Behavior?]

Diz vs Math fight1

So the Math Hoffa vs Dizaster battle dropped… Since I’m concerned about the ph*# shyt takin’over battle rap I started not to post it but, it is a good battle after all…

KOTD – Rap Battle – Dizaster vs Math Hoffa

Dizaster vs Math Hoffa was the last battle of the night at BOLA 5. If you haven’t heard, the event eneded in a brawl. Dizaster [and a few dudes from Krack City] jumped Math Hoffa.  There was a genuine amount of tension in the air for weeks prior to the battle. A few folks [in the blogosphere] felt like the writing was on the wall. Check the audio of a VLADTV interview between Mike Hughes and DNA and the visuals from the Diz vs Math fight.

Dizaster Jumps Math Hoffa at BOLA 5: Was This A Classic Battle?

Now peep the audio from an interview/face-off on AngryFan’s Radio prior to the event.

Math Hoffa vs Dizaster Fight [Multiple Angles] BOLA 5

Is this Days of Our Lives/General Hospital shyt gonna spawn a whole new level of reality [not so much] battle rap publicity stunts? In order for the battle rap industry to grow there’s going to need to be some regulation. I have mixed feelings about even posting this battle. I feel that this is the wrong way to build a name for yourself. So, where do we go from here?