Keith Murray vs Fredro Starr Is Goin’ Down September 28th

Keith Murray vs Fredro

A-ight, Keith Murray vs Fredro Starr, this might be the matchup I been waitin’ for. I’m tryin’ not to get too hyped up though. I can’t take too many more disappointments from high profile battle emcees. So far I’m feelin’ how the battle is being promoted. Check the timeline:

Keith Murray and Fredro Starr [Battle Trailer Snippet]


Keith Murray and Fredro Starr have been making their rounds on the media circuit to promote their upcoming battle in September. The event is being organized by MC WAR and hosted by Jack Thriller.
The biggest buzz in the blogosphere came after the Charlamagne  vs Fredro confrontation during the Breakfast Club interview:

The 2 legendary emcees will battle face to face [on MC WAR]. The matchup is being branded as the “first super star rap battle”. Both emcees are pretty much evenly matched in their lyrical prowess and accomplishments. This seems like the kind of matchup that Cassidy has been hinting about in those VLADTV interviews. Keith Murray dropped some bars for Breakfast Club during his interview:


Keith Murray and Fredro Starr [Full Battle Trailer]



Keith Murray vs Fredro Starr [Ticket Info]

The Official Sport of Rap Battling” Presents: KEITH MURRAY vs FREDRO STARR. 2 Legends battle face to face for the first  ever Super Star Rap Battle matchup featuring established recording artists. Both emcees are evenly matched in terms of commercial achievements.

NWO 2 September 28th @ The Atrium 5479 Memorial Dr., Stone Mountain GA.  You can purchase tickets by clicking here.