Loaded Lux [Feat. Winta] – “They Don’t Hustle No More”



While gearing up for the release of his “Beloved 2” EP Loaded Lux has released visuals for a brand new song called “They Don’t Hustle No More.” The track features a guest appearance from Winta.

Loaded Lux 20Winta

Loaded Lux ft. Winta “They Don’t Hustle No More” video Directed by Geohvision

Norbes Feels That Clips Doesn’t Live Up To His Potential

Norbes Feels That Clips Doesn’t Live Up To His Potential

Norbes 11

Norbes gave VLADTV his insight on some of the  Summer Madness 4 card matchups. He spent a lot of time analyzing the energy behind the Conceited vs. B-Magic matchup but the comments that stood out most were the references to Charlie Clips as “the most talented Battle Rapper on the planet” who displays laziness in some of his battles.


Classic Battle: Cassidy vs. Freeway

Classic Battle: Cassidy vs. Freeway (Put A Beat On)

Here’s the footage from the Cassidy vs. Freeway battle that was leaked years ago. This match is probably one of the most referenced rap battles in Hip Hop. in an interview with VLADTV Cassidy said that he feels this battle helped play a role in the extreme popularity that the sport has gained over the years.

Cass vs Freeway



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