AngryFan’s Radio: Norbes vs Chelle Belle


The fallout when T-Rex committed a no show…

Chelle Belle vs Norbes

Norbes and Chelle Belle (Danny Myers manager)

I can’t pick a side on this one. If you didn’t know, Chelle Bell manages a few battle emcees. One of her clients is Danny Myers.

The Danny Myers vs T Rex battle was scheduled to be the main event at the Battle on Mt Olympus. T Rex pulled a no show the day of the battle. The rumor is that T Rex got locked up. Danny has received criticism and ridicule after admitting that he paid T Rex $12,000 in advance to battle.

Some fans have said that Chelle should have advised Danny not to pay Rex that much money. Chelle Belle decided to call into AFR to defend herself after being heavily criticized by fans and Caps himself. There were other prominent members of the battle rap community who [allegedly] criticized [posted comments about] Chelle as well.

In her defense, I will say that Chelle Belle seems like she has some business sense but I think that Norbes got more positive press out of this than she did. Norbe’s is an opportunist and he played this interview the way I knew he would. He promoted himself and downplayed Danny [Danny used to be under Norbe’s wing when he was a pg]. Chelle responded by calling out Norbes for being unprofessional and routinely belittling women. Norbes, in his signature dismissive nature then ended his phone call abruptly. This is not the type of publicity that I think will benefit Chelle Belle or Danny. But then again, Chelle Belle is a manager not a publicist. But then again, managers are usually known for devising strategy. If there is a strategy [surrounding Danny Myers] I can’t see it.

I guess it could be worse, atleast Chelle Belle got to vent and Danny Myers is in the headlines. Danny could be out there doing Quill nation antics for attention… instead he is becoming notorious for decisions that don’t make sense. Yikes!!