Seven Mitchell: PANIC ROOM 3 Predictions

QOTR PANIC ROOM 3 REVAMPED predictions by Seven Mitchell


Interesting and well thought out commentary right here from Seven Mitchell [from that show on OKRadio]. The only bias I detected was in favor of Bonnie in his evaluation of Bonnie vs C3. Personally I got 40 edging the battle over Chayna. Other than that, pretty good prediction arguments. Check it out below:

Seven Mitchell

Can Ty Law Get B Magic To Battle At RookiesVsVets 2?

Ty Law Says That B Magic Turned Him Down For Rookies vs Vets


I’ve been wondering why Ty Law vs B Magic wasn’t scheduled instead of Ty Law vs Big T.

To be fair, I remember B Magic doing an interview in which he said that he told Ty Law to keep his name hot. Magic said that he agreed to battle Law [eventually] under that stipulation only.

I would’ve thought that the Rookies vs Vets hype was enough to make up for Ty Law’s lack of exposure.

Ty is now reduced to baiting B Magic into a possible appearance at Rookies vs Vets 2. Here’s what Ty Law had to say: