ANGRY FAN’S RADIO vs The War Report [AFR vs TWR] – The New Rivalry??

I smell another blogger/journalist beef in the battle rap community brewing…I’m going to try to sum it up in less than 500 words. I’m tired so I might butcher it a lil bit, but here goes…

ANGRYFAN Ethers Verb Over NOME 5 Performance

I’ve been listening to AFR and The War Report radio hosts throw shots at each other over the last week. Most of the tension seems to be stemming from an Aye Verb interview on TWR which was entitled “Aye Verb Reponds to ANGRYFAN” or something to that effect. Aye Verb was in fact responding to the following vlog that was published by ANGRYFAN007:

Smack/Url N.O.M.E 5 recap


This ni**a Verb got his dumbass bodied by Shine -ANGRYFAN on Aye Verb’s NOME 5 performance

I can see why the video would make Aye Verb mad. It was even picked up by VLADTV. Though VLADTV entitled the video “ANGRY FAN: Hollow Da Don Bodied Charlie Clipse at NOME 5” it is still word for word the same post that Caps posted on his own channel. Here’s the link to it:

ANGRY FAN: Hollow Da Don Bodied Charlie Clipse at NOME 5

Since these two vlogs have become somewhat viral Verb has been under some pressure to respond. The timing of this vlog is even more painful when you take into account that Verb has been trying to generate interest in battle between him and Loaded Lux [see video here]. Verb chose TWR as the platform to vent his anger. Verb threw some insults towards Caps and AFM then ultimately admitted that he lost the NOME 5 battle to K-Shine. Here’s some of that interview:

Word in the blogosphere is that Verb had even been threatening Caps on Twitter prior to coming on the radio. I couldn’t find the tweets though. Verb did however clearly state that everyone who fux wit the ANGRYFAN Movement is a bunch of bums. This ofcourse lead to some folks calling up the radio show hoping  to get a chance to confront Verb.


Verb spent a considerable amount of time on air roasting fans and throwing insults. The War Report co-hosts didn’t allow any live calls during the Aye Verb interview.

A few days prior to this TWR interviewed Bigg K [i.e. the Norbes vs Bigg K segment]. James Posey ended up calling into the show on behalf of the Facebook group [ANGRYFAN’S Garage] afterwards. James Posey said that the group members were frustrated with the way that the interview was conducted.

That day P  [TWR host]  interrupted James Posey and told him that he doesn’t care what the group felt and that they were free to go listen Angry Fan’s Radio instead. At one point P even said “We don’t mind having a problem with AFM” which lead to Caps himself calling in.

I’m not sure where this is going exactly but if it leads to more entertaining radio then I’m widdit.

P: I find it a strange coincidence that everybody saying something negative is hash tagging #AFM.

Caller: Why they try’na make it like a battle rap radio war… It’s not really Caps… but it may be inside the movement

P: Yeah, I don’t know man these followers he got… these dudes is somethin’ else

-Taken from:


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