This NWX vs Writer’s Bloque Thing Might Get Interesting

Chilla Says Writer’s Bloque Wants To Go At It With NWX

Chilla Jones

A few days ago Kay-Shine and DNA issued a challenge to Writer’s Bloque. You can peep that here. This NWX vs Writer’s Bloque thing is starting to look like a genuine rivalry. It already has the blogosphere talkin’. I was strolling through RMBVA and I found this:

Chilla Accepts Challenge


Not too long after leaving RMBVA I found a new blog from Big T. He threw shots at Writer’s Bloque claiming that they need to pay homage. T noted the lack of experience Writer’s Bloque has with battling in front of large crowds. He took time to especially single out Ooops.

Big T

Throughout the video I couldn’t help but to notice the aggravation in T’s face, lol. This is much better than them struggle vlogs he was posting about Daylyt a while back. Big T says that NWX is doing Writer’s Bloque a favor by entertaining the matchups in the first place. I can already feel the bars vs performance argument brewing amongst the fans. The comment section under the video is already starting to heat up.

As you can see,even the URL channel has reposted the video which may give you the impression that SMACK is thinking of picking up the battles [rubbing my hands together].

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If you can’t read the screenshot above, it says this:

Chilla Jones accepts NWX’s challenge…
NWX challenged Writer’s Bloque to a crew vs crew card, and Chilla Jones accepted on behalf of Writer’s Bloque. Here’s the proposed card. Who y’all think would win?

Writer’s Bloque vs NWX
Daylyt vs Rain
Chilla Jones vs Big T
Big Kannon vs DNA
B-Magic vs K-Shine
Danja Zone vs Th3 Saga

You can skip to 59:30 to hear Chilla speak on it.

He adds that if DNA & K-Shine want it, Danny Myers & Rum Nitty wanna jump in the ring with them on their 2 on 2 tour.

CHILLA JONES Responds To NWX On Behalf of Writer’s Bloque

If you wanna hear the entire Chilla Jones interview where he accepted the challenge go to: