Nunu Nellz Defends Her Status In The Battle Rap Community

Nunu Nellz Says  “I’m Here For A Reason” “My Story Is In The Footage”

What exactly does Nunu Nellz do? That is one of the most popular questions in the comment sections these days. During battles Nellz is constantly attacked and depicted as a thirsty thot looking for attention. So when Nellz was given the opportunity to clear the air on her place in battle rap here’s what she had to say:

Nunu Nellz

Nunu Nellz: “There’s never been anyone like me. I’m here for a reason…If you want to be politically correct, I’m in charge of the marketing…I wish people just would respect it”

I’d like to send a special shout out to Drect from RapGrid. He recently interviewed Nunu Nellz and basically asked her to describe her role/evolution from a common supporter to her current status in battle rap. Nunu said that she was initially spotted by curious fans who saw footage of her standing ringside at QOTR events.

Drect noticed that Nunu skipped a big detail and called her on it. When Nellz said that she started out with Norbes on Battle Rap Arena [the 15MOFE version] Drect interjected… “you was BossChick in the beginning then Battle Rap Arena…”. The interview got awkward for a few seconds after that.

Nellz shut down the BossChick details by stating that when she is talking to cameras she will not give out free promo. So in an indirect way Nellz threw a lil’ shade towards BossChicks but then recovered and salvaged the interview by continuing to meander. As she tried to answer Drect’s questions Nellz managed to suggest that she has had a hand in the new marketing strategies at URL. She also mentioned that she writes for a printed publication and sometimes handles cash at battle events.

It sounds to me, that Nellz is really a jack of all trades and just gets in where she fits.To me, the most interesting thing that she stated is that she has been talking with Uncle Ra to bring “The Nunu Show” to 15MOFE. I guess it’s a show based on some work that she has started via instagram. Nellz does have charisma so I look forward to seeing how that show plays out. Til then, I guess we have our answer: Nunu is in charge of marketing…sorta.

It’s funny though, I think I remember listening to some interview where Raine said that “promotions” was Nellz original niche at BossChick.

Update: Here’s the link to Raine’s interview on AFR. She talks about Nellz at around the 10:30 mark.

Check out some bonus “footage” of Nellz “promoting” herself, lmao.

NuNu Nellz Big Booty Twerk Session

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