A Couple Questions For Jae Millz Management Team

Jae Millz Wants Smack/URL To Pay Him $100,000.00 To Battle

Jae Millz is ready to return to the Battle Rap stage [sigh]. Let’s kick this off with an oldie but goodie. You remember this interview right? :

Now let’s fast forward to the present…

Jae Millz post1

So Jae Millz is still asking for $100,00.00 huh? To some, the announcement that Millz wants a huge paycheck isn’t really news  [since he’s said it before publicly] but after Millz posted a convo between him and SMACK… The debate is starting up on social media surrounding whether or not Millz is only looking for a money grab.

Jae Millz post3

According to the following screenshot SMACK is atleast pretending to entertain the idea of trying to raise 100k…

Jae Millz post2

ForbezDVD is currently asking fans to weigh in on a potential Jae Millz return:

Battle Rap has a strong community that is growing by the day. The URL platform alone has a very strong following. Jae Millz could generate a lot of interest in his next project or album with successful debut on the modern URL platform.

If Jae Millz has any kind of management looking out for his interests maybe they should get involved before this goes left. If Millz fu**s up his biggest shot at jump starting new interest in his career he will have to live with it. Cassidy’s performance against Diz was enough to win but when I rewatch the battle I feel more and more that Cassidy’s material was very outdated. Millz’ punchlines were never as sharp as Cass soooo… what makes anyone so confident that Millz won’t pull a Reed Dollaz or somethin’?

SMH, I know that someone out there will feel that I have an alternative agenda of some sort. I might even get accused of hateration [do they still say that?]. In reality, I got luv for Millz but as I write this I am racking my brain try’na figure out how he came up with those numbers… Did he just randomly create a fantasy fee to spite Mook and Lux? 100k means a big ticket surcharge or a really huge venue. How does Millz expect to create such a huge draw?

Matter of fact…Millz, if you see this, you might not wanna try to answer these questions homie [leave it to your management].

Dear Jae Millz mangement,

Jae Millz never put out a solo commercial album and from the looks of things over at YMCMB Millz never will. Where will the revenue come from to cover the tab of 100k debut on SMACK/URL? How much do you think Millz’ opponent would be willing to accept?

I know that Cassidy touted his commercial success in the past as a reason for demanding a relatively high performance fee. Millz cant rely on the commercial success angle like Cassidy did, or can he? Ya’ll remember this interview:

So where’s the justification for the price? It’s a question that would have to be answered in order to get serious battle rap fans to support all this.

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