Best Rappers of All Time??? K Shine, T Top, Rain910 & Brizz Rawsteen Debate The Issue

K Shine, T Top, Rain910 & Brizz Rawsteen Talk Top 5

I love conversations like this. I think Beasley is on the camera, so shout out to him for filming and this and sharing.

On a side note: Rain is slowly but surely starting to impress me. His respect for Nas definitely made me proud. I can tell what type of emcee that he is likely to evolve into.

Brizz n TTop

So Nunu Wanna Be An Actress Now???

So Nunu Wanna Be An Actress Now???

Battle Rap is becoming like one big Reality television show…… As I was strolling thru Twitter trying to get updates on the KOTD event I saw an interesting tweet on the URL Timeline. The tweet was promoting Nunu’s debut on a web series called “Pieces”.

Seeing as I have mixed emotions and I’m not fully sure how to feel about Nellz….. I decided to check it out. It wasn’t that bad:

Pieces | CheckMate | Ep 7

Nellz on Pieces