Chris UnBias Starts “The Bullshyt Chronicles”

Chris UnBias Starts “The Bullshyt Chronicles”

Here’s a vlog from Chris UnBias where he channels his outrage at battle emcees [and leagues] that are slackin’. Chris says that he may create a series of videos that address what he feels is bullshyt. He starts off by taking aim at T-Rex and asking if we really still get excited about seeing Rex battle. Check it out:

Chris UnBias21


Vblog: Recycling, Udubb, Burning bridges w/ leagues, etc.

K Shine Releases Dot Mobb diss “Used To Be My Dog” [Feat. Rain910]

K SHINE feat. RAIN910 – “Use To Be My Dog” [Dot Mob Diss]

A-ight, so the diss track wuz supposed to drop Friday but….. better late than never I guess.

Listen to K Shine’s response to Daylyt andthe rest of  Dot Mobb below. Do you think it was worth the wait?

Shine n Rain


And here is “The Hate Report” delivered as promised. K Shine gets interviewed by Rain as they discuss K Shine’s feelings about being ousted from Dot Mobb.

Best Rappers of All Time??? K Shine, T Top, Rain910 & Brizz Rawsteen Debate The Issue

K Shine, T Top, Rain910 & Brizz Rawsteen Talk Top 5

I love conversations like this. I think Beasley is on the camera, so shout out to him for filming and this and sharing.

On a side note: Rain is slowly but surely starting to impress me. His respect for Nas definitely made me proud. I can tell what type of emcee that he is likely to evolve into.

Brizz n TTop

Did Dizaster Really 3-0 Gjonaj Though???

Dizaster vs Gjonaj – Dizaster clowning Gjonaj on Instagram (part 2 of 2 )

Rumor has it that Dizaster beat Gjonaj 3-0/ Even saw a tweet that said Gjonaj choked. I personally predicted Gjonaj to win all three rounds. So this 3-0 thing is kind’a hard to swallow [pause]. I guess I won’t know for sure until the footage drops, but its always a tell tale sign that Diz is taking a battle seriously when takes time out on social media to do this:

Dizaster Clowns Gjonaj on Instagram


Big T Says Danny Myers Is Bitter and Looking For Attention

Big T Says That Danny Myers Is Bitter and Looking For Attention

If you haven’t heard, the blogosphere has been buzzin’ for a couple of days with the newly surfaced claims of proof that Tsu Surf has a ghostwriter. The alleged ghostwriter has been identified as Ah Di Boom.

To make a long story short: Danny Myers name is now inextricably linked to the controversy. After calling in to defend’s Boom’s aid during a Tsu Surf interview on AFR, Danny Myers has found himself in the line of fire. Big T took time to weigh in on the issue. Check it out below:


Danny Myers will u stop it with the bull shit -Big T

T-Rex Says That He Is Battling T-Top at Summer Madness 5

T-Rex Says That He Is Battling T-Top at Summer Madness 5

ThatShitIsHotSunLive interviewed T-Rex  after his Redemption battle vs Danny Myers. it was short but very telling. During the recap Rex referred to the Danny Myers battle as a “money move”, he felt that the crowd was NOT biased against and can understand if the someone says Danny won 2-1. During the interview Rex also stated that he is battling t-Top on the Summer Madness 5 card.

T-Rex Interview 1