So Nunu Wanna Be An Actress Now???

So Nunu Wanna Be An Actress Now???

Battle Rap is becoming like one big Reality television show…… As I was strolling thru Twitter trying to get updates on the KOTD event I saw an interesting tweet on the URL Timeline. The tweet was promoting Nunu’s debut on a web series called “Pieces”.

Seeing as I have mixed emotions and I’m not fully sure how to feel about Nellz….. I decided to check it out. It wasn’t that bad:

Pieces | CheckMate | Ep 7

Nellz on Pieces

Nunu Nellz Defends Her Status In The Battle Rap Community

Nunu Nellz Says  “I’m Here For A Reason” “My Story Is In The Footage”

What exactly does Nunu Nellz do? That is one of the most popular questions in the comment sections these days. During battles Nellz is constantly attacked and depicted as a thirsty thot looking for attention. So when Nellz was given the opportunity to clear the air on her place in battle rap here’s what she had to say:

Nunu Nellz

Nunu Nellz: “There’s never been anyone like me. I’m here for a reason…If you want to be politically correct, I’m in charge of the marketing…I wish people just would respect it”

I’d like to send a special shout out to Drect from RapGrid. He recently interviewed Nunu Nellz and basically asked her to describe her role/evolution from a common supporter to her current status in battle rap. Nunu said that she was initially spotted by curious fans who saw footage of her standing ringside at QOTR events.

Drect noticed that Nunu skipped a big detail and called her on it. When Nellz said that she started out with Norbes on Battle Rap Arena [the 15MOFE version] Drect interjected… “you was BossChick in the beginning then Battle Rap Arena…”. The interview got awkward for a few seconds after that.

Nellz shut down the BossChick details by stating that when she is talking to cameras she will not give out free promo. So in an indirect way Nellz threw a lil’ shade towards BossChicks but then recovered and salvaged the interview by continuing to meander. As she tried to answer Drect’s questions Nellz managed to suggest that she has had a hand in the new marketing strategies at URL. She also mentioned that she writes for a printed publication and sometimes handles cash at battle events.

It sounds to me, that Nellz is really a jack of all trades and just gets in where she fits.To me, the most interesting thing that she stated is that she has been talking with Uncle Ra to bring “The Nunu Show” to 15MOFE. I guess it’s a show based on some work that she has started via instagram. Nellz does have charisma so I look forward to seeing how that show plays out. Til then, I guess we have our answer: Nunu is in charge of marketing…sorta.

It’s funny though, I think I remember listening to some interview where Raine said that “promotions” was Nellz original niche at BossChick.

Update: Here’s the link to Raine’s interview on AFR. She talks about Nellz at around the 10:30 mark.

Check out some bonus “footage” of Nellz “promoting” herself, lmao.

NuNu Nellz Big Booty Twerk Session

RAIN910 Says That He Wants To Have A Public Conversation With Daylyt

NWX : DNA, RAIN910, BIG T, K SHINE & TH3 SAGA [What’s It About?]

So 4-20 came and went. I still never saw the big release that the ad on War Report was talking about but I guess this interview is atleast something to help add to the confusion, errr, I mean help clear things up about NWX:


Maybe I missed it. Can ya’ll make sense out of this?

Interviewer: What is NWX really about?

DNA: [misc random shyt talking]

Rain910: NWX is representing the mind state that [people] supposed to be in…

K-Shine: We on some NWX shyt man. We dgaf about what nobody got to say…

The most intriguing part of the interview was when Beasley asked Rain if he wanted to battle Daylyt. Rain says that he finally found someone [Daylyt] that he looks at and knows that he can take him. Rain says that he doesn’t understand Daylyt’s mind set and that he has some questions for him.

For some reason, this is a battle that I would actually pay to see. i am guessing that if Daylyt wants to battle Big T he is going to have to go through Rain. We’ll see.

I just want to have a conversation with him in front of everybody -Rain910 on battling Daylyt

NWX : DNA, RAIN910, BIG T, K SHINE & TH3 SAGA [What’s It About?]

So DNA, RAIN910, BIG T, K SHINE and TH3 SAGA are forming a group huh?


Here’s a clip from AFR where Dna and K shine speak vaguely on NWX:

I first heard about this NWX thing earlier in the week while listening to The War Report Radio. I still don’t really know what to make of it. I think these dudes are gonna start making music and use battle rap to promote it. That seems like the gist of it.  Rain might be the brains behind it all. Check out this behind the scenes trailer that dropped on the URL channel recently:


Recording artist/ producer RAIN910 breaks down how he puts together the production for the infamous SMACK/ URL trailers.

Well, at any rate, they got something finnah drop on 4-20-15. Maybe things will become clearer after that.



BO$$CHICK Raine vs Debo [Is There A New Sheriff In Town?]



BossChick Raine2

HipHopIsReal dropped an interview last week featuring BossChick Raine. During the interview Raine speaks about the fallout surrounding her new battle league and platform. As an owner she is having problems booking potential battle rap matches due to interference from other league owners. BossChick Raine goes as far as to name Debo [from Queen Of The Ring] as a person who is actively sabotaging potential BCBL battles.

Raine says she tried to reach out to Queen Of The Ring out of respect prior to setting up her battle league and says she ran into problems from the start. I  remember her saying something similar to that during her AFR interview a while back.

To me, the obvious elephant in the room is that Debo fears competition.

BossRaine Chick says that she is usually all about working together but now she is refusing to be the “Tip toe C.E.O.” Check out the interview below.



Debo’s Rebuttal, Sorta…

HHIS Debo2

HiphopIsReal has just dropped the rebuttal interview in which Debo sorta responds to allegations that he is sabotaging BCBL.

Debo defense is that his primary concern is the Queen Of The Ring brand and that he is dedicated to promoting females. Debo avoided getting into specifics about the recent allegations by BossChick Raine. He says there are two sides to every story and suggests that there may be personal reasons for Raine’s accusations.

Debo believes dirty laundry shouldn’t be aired publicly during business. At any rate Debo, was elusive and was definitely NOT being a straight shooter in the interview. He actually spent more time admonishing media for publishing the accusation than responding to them.



Here’s the earliest interview [from AFR] which I think started the ball rolling in this direction:


Still waiting on ForbezDVD to release the full Raine interview though…



Exclusivity Deals Will Be The Future Of Battle Rap Industry

Muzikal Kombat Banner 3

Check out this article I saw on URLTV.TV :


ILL-Will Drafted


“Just my opinion… I think PGs signing contracts are a smart idea. URL is a business and if they don’t take precautions like that people will use URL to boost their own career with no regards to what’s best for URL. Look at Bigg K. He is doing great on KOTD, but if it wasn’t for URL 85% of his fans wouldn’t know he existed and he probably wouldn’t be on KOTD. His music getting attention & him being on Sway in the Morning stems from URL. In a sense, the masses don’t care until you’re on URL or KOTD.

All of these PG cats were doing their thing long before they got on URL. But ask yourself how many of y’all gave them a chance before you either saw their PG or heard they were getting one? If I ran something like URL I couldn’t take the chance of giving you the major exposure I have to offer and expect loyalty from you without a contract because a lot of people only care about themselves and opportunity controls their loyalty. BET every year, major industry artist watching sets this platform for you to be seen. There is a large picture to be seen if you’re trying to see it. By being a known URL face, you can get paid to host events. If you’re smart you’ll have merchandise that people who fuck with you will be glad to purchase. It’s a business at the end of the day and there’s a long line of talent waiting and willing to sign.

Also for the record No battler needs URL. URL is only the platform, a major boost, a shortcut to the success most battlers want to see. Say an up and coming musician wants to perform all over the world and be on TV. Does he need a major deal? No, but a major deal would be the quickest way to do that. That’s why most up and coming battlers fight for that deal, because they know traveling 50 miles on foot is working harder not smarter. Working smarter is using a vehicle (URL) to travel those 50 miles.”