T-Rex Goes In On Tsu Surf And Danny Myers – Says That He Doesn’t Use Mixtape Bars

T-Rex Goes In On Tsu Surf And Danny Myers – Says That He Doesn’t Use Mixtape Bars

Doggie Diamonds goes to Harlem to link up with battle rap legend T-Rex. T-Rex speaks on T-Top battle, him deserving to be on Summer Madness 5 card. T-Rex also calls Surf a clown and says he was going to dead Danny Myers on his $12,000. He also says he would like to have a rematch against Charlie Clips.

T Rex ForbezDVD

Loaded Lux Exposed? Former Manager Files Lawsuit

Loaded Lux Has Been Accused of Being A Fraud By His Former Manager [Trailer]

ForbezDVD has recorded an interview with a man identified as Jack aka Sutek. The man claims to have negotiated the deals for Lux’s last two performances. He  says that he has even coached Lux on how to interview and he has yet to be paid. The actual interview hasn’t posted yet but you can check out the trailer below:

Loaded Lux lawsuit

Is Murda Mook Getting More Than $50K To Battle Loaded Lux?

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Murda Mook Says Lux Defeated Hollow And Speaks On Upcoming Battle With Lux

Here’s the third intallment of the ForbezDVD Murda Mook exclusive. After the iron Solomon battle Mook announced to the rap world that he would not battle for less than $50,000. In this segment Mook hints that he may be getting paid a larger amount than the $50,000 to battle Lux:
Murda Mook ForbezDVD 2

To watch part 1 and 2 of this interview click here.


Murda Mook Says That He Is The Blue Print For Modern Day Battle Rap

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Murda Mook ForbezDVD 1

ForbezDVD has began releasing the Murda Mook interview that was announced during the Loaded Lux series. In total it’s a three part interview. Part one and two are out already. In part 1 Mook says that he is undefeated. Fans have began debating Mook’s resume in the comment section under the video. In part 2 Mook talks whether or not he would battle Math Hoffa. So far the interview not too bad. The first two installments  touch on a variety of different topics. You can check those out below:

Murda Mook Part 1: Mook Explains Behind The Scenes Situation vs. Jae Millz

Murda Mook Part 2: Murda Mook Explains What It Would Take To Battle Math Hoffa


Loaded Lux Says That He Is Bringing Lionz Den Battle League Back In 2014

Loaded Lux First Official Post UW Battle Interview [Part 3]

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Here is the third part of the ForbezDVD Loaded Lux exclusive. During this portion of the interview Loaded Lux amd Doggie Diamonds discuss corporate involvement in battle rap,The Road To Total Slaughter,Lionz Den battle league,social activism and more.

Loaded Lux - ForbezDVD2

Wow, so it seems that The Road To Total Slaughter tournament is on hold. I was wondering what was going on with that. Click here to watch part 1 and part 2 of this same interview.


ForbezDVD: Loaded Lux First Official Post UW Battle Interview [Part 2]


Loaded Lux First Official Post UW Battle Interview [Part 2]

Since Doggie Diamonds from ForbezDVD announced that he has the first exclusive Loaded Lux interview since the UW High Stakes event he has dropped 2 out of three parts of it. During the interview Daimonds asks about a possible Lux vs. Daylyt or Lux vs Mook battle. Here goes the part 2 of 3 if you haven’t seen it.

Loaded Lux - ForbezDVD

SMACKDVD: Murda Mook vs. Loaded Lux

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