Arsonal Da Rebel In Depth Interview, Explains How UW Battle League Started and More…

Arsonal 15MOFE1Arsonal Da Rebel sat down with 15MOFE Radio and spent nearly an hour answering  a wide range of questions from the interviewers and fans. Some of the topics covered during the conversation were moving to New Orleans,career choices,hairstyle, favorite battle rappers,UW Battle League and rivalries with other performers.

Arsonal Da Rebel Talks UW Battle League vs. Other Leagues, Joe Budden, Battle Preparation & More

GTN Rap Battle Conceited vs Arsonal [Full Battle]

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Originally aired in 5 parts ,Conceited vs Arsonal pulled in a record setting 6.7 million views (and counting). Grind Time now presents the full battle to watch the whole way through.


GTN Rap Battle-Conceited vs Arsonal (Full Battle)

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