Is It Okay For Professional Battle Emcees To Recycle Rhymes?

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CAPS Warns Battle Emcees About Recycling Verses


After Total Slaughter episode 2 aired [Wednesday night on FUSETV] there was a big discussion online about Arsonal recycling most of his bars vs Daylyt. This has prompted ANGRYFAN to drop a lecture on recycling bars. Daylyt makes a general practice of recycling and borrowing bars a lot too but CAPS barely touched on that. He mostly went in on Arsonal. So, what do you think? Is it okay for emcees to recycle bars?


Total Slaughter Episode 2 

Here’s the KOTD battle that¬†Arsonal recycled bars from. He switched up the words a lil’ bit to make it seem customized for Daylyt. Go to the 18:47 mark:


KOTD – Rap Battle – Arsonal vs Swave Sevah