Chilla Jones: The Art Of The Scheme

Chilla Jones: The Art Of The Scheme (Animated Interview)


“The Art Of The Scheme” is an animated interview that helps visualize a sit down interview Battle Rap News did with one of the best writers in Battle Rap, Chilla Jones. Chilla Jones breaks down the science behind writing his schemes and gives back-story to why he has become known as an incredible writer in the world of Battle Rap.
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Chilla Jones Says He Aint Runnin’ From No NuBorn

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Ducking? Ducking? Chilla Says He Aint Runnin’ From No NuBorn

Chilla dedicated an entire video to explain why he’s not motivated to battle NuBorn or even Steams right now. He says he will not take them on URL atleast.


It’s not a battle I’m interested in on URL.” -Chilla on battling NuBorn

This is confusing to me considering Chilla called out NuBorn before. Chilla says that each battle he has taken has been strategic. Maybe there’s actually a method to the madness. My best guess is since Chilla’s last URL battle was vs DNA maybe taking a lesser known opponent on URL will give the impression that Jones’ career is on a decline. Chilla seems genuinely frustrated though…I never really seen Chilla get impatient before, lol.

“It’ has to do with motivation and… neither one of these dudes motivate me”   Translation: He’s callin’ you “lil ni**as”. Steams and NuBorn [I mean “Born” ] don’t take this lying down. Get some more momentum and keep putting pressure on Chilla.

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