Conceited Says That “Da Jungle” Rap Battles Is Coming Back!!

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Conceited Says That Fox Is Working To Bring Back “Da Jungle” Battles

This RapGrid interview been out for a while but, in case you haven’t seen it… The first couple minutes they talkin’ Tsu Surf usin’ his “slow it down” and calling it “subtitles”. Then there is some nonsense about celebrities fans, yada yadda yadda. At about the 2:00 minute mark Conceited explains his opinion on the Hollow vs Lux battle.

Skip to the 3:30 mark to hear Conceited explain the origins of “Da Jungle” and speak about bringing it back:


Here is a throwback battle from “Da Jungle” peep:




GTN Rap Battle Conceited vs Arsonal [Full Battle]

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Originally aired in 5 parts ,Conceited vs Arsonal pulled in a record setting 6.7 million views (and counting). Grind Time now presents the full battle to watch the whole way through.


GTN Rap Battle-Conceited vs Arsonal (Full Battle)

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