KOTD – Rap Battle – Tiger Ty vs Joe Cutter


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KOTD – Rap Battle – Tiger Ty vs Joe Cutter

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Published on Dec 24, 2013
@KingOfTheDot – #BOTB6 – Tiger Ty vs @Joe408cutterMe
Hosted By: @LushOne
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Another name on the long list of talented emcees coming out of the West Coast, Joe Cutter hasn’t been involved in the scene as long as some of his counterparts, but has made quite an impact during his shorter tenure. First seen around 3 years ago, the San Jose emcee is not to be mistaken with contemporary Dirtbag Dan, despite his similarly striking beard. Having paid his dues in the Fresh Coast Ground Zero division, Cutter sparred with the likes of Lex D, Cypher and Denter, and has since been in the ring with opponents such as Fredo and Everybody Knows. A style that mixes humor with ruthless, hard hitting bars, Joe Cutter is on the rise and is focusing on becoming a legitimate threat to any and all battlers willing to step in the ring with him.
A legendary name from the Grindtime days, Tiger Ty hasn’t been seen in a battle for years, leaving a rather large hole in the hearts of many battle fans. Easily one of the most unorthodox battle rappers, Jungle representative Tiger Ty utilizes a style that does not seem as though it would be as successful as it is when broken down to it’s individual elements. Combining a mumbling delivery with off the wall humor and a spaced out delivery, Tiger Ty somehow blends these together to produce one of the most hilarious and original approaches to battling of all time. Making his long awaited return to the battle scene and his debut on King of the Dot, Tiger Ty features on the Battle of the Bay 6 card against Joe Cutter, ready to tiger swipe his way back to the top.