Murda Mook Breaks Down How He Picks His Battles

Murda Mook Talks Battling Tsu Surf, Hollow Da Don And Answers All Critics

Doggie Diamonds and M.Reck go to Harlem to chop it up with Murda Mook. Murda Mook speaks on the critics saying he’s money hungry.

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Murda Mook Asks Who Do You Think Can Beat Me Now?


Mook jus’ low key played Hollow Da Don and Charlie Clips. The War Report has a post-NOME5 interview posted in which Murda Mook confronts Norbes and asks him “who do you think can beat me now?”.

Murda Mook

Cuz this shyt that was up here… could neva beat me in they life. -Murda Mook on Hollow vs Clips

Murda Mook Says Tsu Surf Seem Like He Don’t Wanna Battle Rap Anymore

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Murda Mook Talks Tsu Surf’s Decline, Why Math Hoffa Battle Didn’t Happen & Explains SM2 Performance
Murda Mook 15MOFE

Check out this 15MOFE interview where Tsu Surf and HeavyBag tries to downplay battle rap at the beginning of the interview to focus on Surf’s music career:

@29:00 minute Surf speaks about battle rap wearing him thin.

@31:40 minute mark speaks on controlling the crowd on a large battle rap stage



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This episode is from about a week ago. It was the first recorded episode of AngryFan Radio. The show’s hosts Timbo,AngryFan007 and 3Letterman discuss the Mt. Rushmore of battle rap, i.e. artists who have contributed the most to the culture of battle rap. The special guest was Murda Mook [of Dot Mobb].


Is Murda Mook Getting More Than $50K To Battle Loaded Lux?

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Murda Mook Says Lux Defeated Hollow And Speaks On Upcoming Battle With Lux

Here’s the third intallment of the ForbezDVD Murda Mook exclusive. After the iron Solomon battle Mook announced to the rap world that he would not battle for less than $50,000. In this segment Mook hints that he may be getting paid a larger amount than the $50,000 to battle Lux:
Murda Mook ForbezDVD 2

To watch part 1 and 2 of this interview click here.


Murda Mook Says That He Is The Blue Print For Modern Day Battle Rap

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Murda Mook ForbezDVD 1

ForbezDVD has began releasing the Murda Mook interview that was announced during the Loaded Lux series. In total it’s a three part interview. Part one and two are out already. In part 1 Mook says that he is undefeated. Fans have began debating Mook’s resume in the comment section under the video. In part 2 Mook talks whether or not he would battle Math Hoffa. So far the interview not too bad. The first two installments  touch on a variety of different topics. You can check those out below:

Murda Mook Part 1: Mook Explains Behind The Scenes Situation vs. Jae Millz

Murda Mook Part 2: Murda Mook Explains What It Would Take To Battle Math Hoffa