John John Da Don vs Reed Dollaz Was Over Hyped [Leaked Audio]

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If you’re curious like I was to hear the John John vs Reed battle then here it is. JJDD wasn’t as good as they say he was and Reed Dollaz wasn’t as bad they say he was… atleast not going off of the audio. People in the crowd did try to hate on John John early though [payback for the E Ness vs DNA thing I guess].

Overall, I think that the recaps/reviews overhyped John John’s performance a lil’ bit. I’m still looking forward to the footage when it come out though.

N.O.M.E. 4 John John Da Don vs Reed Dollaz Audio:JJDD vs Reed Dollaz comments

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Aye Verb: Goodz Has A Magic Potion In His Cup [Goodz Diss]

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Here’s the original blog by Aye Verb that prompted Goodz “Magnum Man” response.  There’s mixed responses in the comment sections. Below is the video as it is posted on the URL channel and below that is the original post from Dutch’s channel. You can read the crowd responses for yourself though.

Aye Verb 1