DNA Explains Why He Chose To Partner With K-Shine for 2on2 Battles

DNA Tells Why He Chose K-Shine Instead Of Charlie Clips As A 2 on 2 Partner

DNA 20

RAIN910 Says That He Wants To Have A Public Conversation With Daylyt

NWX : DNA, RAIN910, BIG T, K SHINE & TH3 SAGA [What’s It About?]

So 4-20 came and went. I still never saw the big release that the ad on War Report was talking about but I guess this interview is atleast something to help add to the confusion, errr, I mean help clear things up about NWX:


Maybe I missed it. Can ya’ll make sense out of this?

Interviewer: What is NWX really about?

DNA: [misc random shyt talking]

Rain910: NWX is representing the mind state that [people] supposed to be in…

K-Shine: We on some NWX shyt man. We dgaf about what nobody got to say…

The most intriguing part of the interview was when Beasley asked Rain if he wanted to battle Daylyt. Rain says that he finally found someone [Daylyt] that he looks at and knows that he can take him. Rain says that he doesn’t understand Daylyt’s mind set and that he has some questions for him.

For some reason, this is a battle that I would actually pay to see. i am guessing that if Daylyt wants to battle Big T he is going to have to go through Rain. We’ll see.

I just want to have a conversation with him in front of everybody -Rain910 on battling Daylyt

NWX : DNA, RAIN910, BIG T, K SHINE & TH3 SAGA [What’s It About?]

So DNA, RAIN910, BIG T, K SHINE and TH3 SAGA are forming a group huh?


Here’s a clip from AFR where Dna and K shine speak vaguely on NWX:

I first heard about this NWX thing earlier in the week while listening to The War Report Radio. I still don’t really know what to make of it. I think these dudes are gonna start making music and use battle rap to promote it. That seems like the gist of it.  Rain might be the brains behind it all. Check out this behind the scenes trailer that dropped on the URL channel recently:


Recording artist/ producer RAIN910 breaks down how he puts together the production for the infamous SMACK/ URL trailers.

Well, at any rate, they got something finnah drop on 4-20-15. Maybe things will become clearer after that.