Slaine vs. Unidentified Battle Rap Victim

Slaine Slaps Geek For Trying…..SMH

I don’t know where to start. It has become trendy for aspiring rappers to talk about shit that they know nothing about. I don’ t feel sorry for anyone when reality hits them in the face (no pun intended) but this is just too much. I just watched a video of Slaine smacking somebody during a “rap battle”. Yep, almost smacked the glasses clean off dude’s face for callin’ him a “bitch” and making references to Slaine’s girl. To be fair, Slaine can be heard saying “Don’t call me a bitch. Don’t get punched.”

The unidentified rapper (victim) mumbled something about “click clack” in his rhyme. Unless “click clack” was a reference to the sound of his glasses falling off his face then he had no business even spittin’ it. SMDH.

Slaine vs. Unidentified Battle Rapper

Slaine battle1Slaine battle3

Not to mention that actual spitters are having a hard time gettin’ any shine in Boston, now this. This is why so many people got a fucked up perception about the 617. Atleast could the battle have been between two spitterz? For the record that video looked like it was on Lansdown street somewhere. That aint (the real) Boston. That’s just where the college kids hang.

[update: The battle took place on Hollywood Blvd in California.]

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