T-Rex Goes In On Tsu Surf And Danny Myers – Says That He Doesn’t Use Mixtape Bars

T-Rex Goes In On Tsu Surf And Danny Myers – Says That He Doesn’t Use Mixtape Bars

Doggie Diamonds goes to Harlem to link up with battle rap legend T-Rex. T-Rex speaks on T-Top battle, him deserving to be on Summer Madness 5 card. T-Rex also calls Surf a clown and says he was going to dead Danny Myers on his $12,000. He also says he would like to have a rematch against Charlie Clips.

T Rex ForbezDVD

T-Rex Says That He Is Battling T-Top at Summer Madness 5

T-Rex Says That He Is Battling T-Top at Summer Madness 5

ThatShitIsHotSunLive interviewed T-Rex  after his Redemption battle vs Danny Myers. it was short but very telling. During the recap Rex referred to the Danny Myers battle as a “money move”, he felt that the crowd was NOT biased against and can understand if the someone says Danny won 2-1. During the interview Rex also stated that he is battling t-Top on the Summer Madness 5 card.

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T-Rex Turns On SMACK While Contradicting Himself

T-Rex Says He’s Done Being Loyal To SMACK/URL – Is This The End?

I haven’t had a chance to organize my thoughts so I’ma just rant: T-Rex did an interview with RapGrid in which he insists that SMACK isn’t loyal. He says that he is upset about the league editing out some of his opening bars vs. Calico [a few years back] among other things. This suggests that Rex has had some hidden frustrations with SMACK/URL [over the years] but publicly Rex claims that he has been loyal to the SMACK brand.

The most confusing part of the interview to me, was the part where T-Rex insinuated that SMACK will be releasing a new DVD. I’ve heard or read nothing about this until now. According to Rex, the new DVD will have the Charlie Clips vs. T-Rex battle featured on it. Showcasing this battle is an embarrassment for Rex I guess. In Rex’s own words the DVD will show Rex at his “worst” and it will end up being circulated around the jails. Rex feels that if SMACK had his best interest in mind that he would NOT publish the battle on a DVD.

Clips vs Rex

SMACK You are who you are because of me,Mook and Lux…Sometimes loyalty is stupidity in some situations -T Rex

I, for one am confused. Didn’t SMACK/URL pay Rex for his performance at Summer Madness? How much exactly did Rex charge for that performance anyway? Did Rex offer to give any of that money back to SMACK? The league OWNS that footage and should use it as they see fit, no?

To be honest, I’m still hovering between emotions concerning that whole Clips vs Rex situation. I send my condolences to Rex and his family for their loss, but from I what I know about the situation there is still no valid explanation as to why Rex didn’t come prepared. Rex has developed a reputation for whack performances [over the last two years] and for complaining about pay on stage. I can NOT wrap my mind around this. The most effort we’ve seen from Rex was for the Road To Total Slaughter Tournament. Rex hasn’t been exclusive to URL. Even Chris UnBias has chimed in on it during his BO5 Recap [see 4:24 mark]:


Mixtape Bars Is Something You Gotta Deal Witt…

Shotgun Suge has called out T-Rex for recycling mixtape bars during his recent battles [most recently vs. Charlie Clips at the Summer Madness 4 event.

According to VLADTV Suge has audio from  a T-Rex mixtape which proves that he recycled the bars that he used against both Charlie Clips and also himself.  Suge went a step further to claim that Rex also similar bars vs. Rum Nitty [Snoop Dogg’s Gladiator School].

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