Charlie Clips Speaks Says That He Lost A Battle To Fred The Godson

Charlie Clips Speaks Says That He Lost A Battle To Fred The Godson

Charlie Clips 2

In the clip below Charlie Clips tells stories about a couple off camera battles that he’s had. One of them was with Fred The Godson. Check it out below:



Slaughterhouse Sponsored Battle Rap + Reality Show Has Been Officially Announced

Battle Rap Reality Show

There  have been rumors circulating around for a couple weeks that Eminem was going to be involved in a Battle Rap television show. The rumors started when Jack Thriller made an announcement [via his Twitter or IG] page allegedly thanking Eminem for allowing him to participate. The rumor was soon squashed by Slaughterhouse members who claimed that any rumors regarding a television were not to be believed unless announce by a member of Slaughterhouse.

According to several reports the existence of the show has now been officially confirmed. The show is called “The Road to Total Slaughter,” . It will center around a tournament between eight battle rappers who will face off in a bracket style competition

totalslaughter Battle Tournament

It seems that the emcees will also be required to live in a house together during or leading up to the tournament [for one week] and there will be cameras there so that viewers will get to see the behind the scenes footage.  The eight emcees that are scheduled to appear are Dizaster, Daylyt, Math Hoffa, Cortez, Arsonal, Marv Won, Aye Verb, and Big T.

Slaughterhouse members are set to act as the show’s producers and the Battle Rap judges for the tournament. The show will be aired online via Shady Record’s VEVO channel. You can read more about it on

Loaded Lux Names 3 Emcees That He Wants To Battle In 2014

Loaded Lux Wants To Battle Eminem, Jay-Z & Nas

Lux RoseD

Thisis50 posted this clip from an interview by RoseD when she spoke with Loaded Lux. During the interview when asked who or what he has sights on in 2014 Lux respondedly vaguely. When asked for three people he wants to battle right now  [fantasy matchups]  Lux responded that he would like to battle Nas,Jay-Z and Eminem. Check it out below:

Vin Rock Explains His Interest UW Battle League

Vin Rock Does Promo For Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don [UW High Stakes] and Explains His Interest In Battle Rap


The UW Battle League High Stakes event is going down Sunday Jan 26th, 2014. The main event is Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don. Jack Thriller from Thisis50 interviews Vin Rock and the UW staff about the upcoming event.

Vin Rock Jack Thriller


UW Battle League Going Down Sunday Jan 26th – Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don – TI50