KOTD – Rap Battle – Bonnie Godiva vs Young Gattas


KOTD BAnner 2

This matchup is between Bonnie Godiva [Yonkers,NY] and Young Gattas [Chicago.IL]. It took place at King of The Dot’s World Domination 4 Event in Toronto, Canada.

KOTD – Rap Battle – Bonnie Godiva vs Young Gattas

KOTD Bonnie GodivaKOTD Young Gattas





This following battle took place during a SMACK/ URL Proving Ground event at Black Star Video in Harlem,NYC. The matchup is between Danny Myers [West Coast] and Jay Rell  [Michigan].

Danny Myers vs Jay Rell 1Danny Myers vs Jay Rell 2Danny Myers vs Jay Rell 3

KOTD – Rap Battle – Charron vs DNA


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This battle is between  DNA [Queens, NYC] and Charron [Canada]. DNA was not scheduled to make an appearance at World Domination 4. However, due to Shotgun Suge’s no show DNA was asked to take his place. The battle took place with only about a weeks notice.

KOTD – Rap Battle – Charron vs DNA

DNA vs CharronCharron 1DNA 1


Debo, Star Smilez, 40 BARRS and Don Ladyii Discuss The “Do Or Die” Line Up


Star Smilez Thinks 40 BARRS Will Beat Bonnie Godiva

“Do Or Die” is the upcoming QOTR event scheduled for this weekend. 40 BARRS, Star Smilez, Don Ladyii and Debo appeared on VladTV to promote the event and offer opinions on the matchups. The interview specifically goes in depth about “Official vs Lexx Banko” and “Krissy Yamagucci vs C3”. “Bonnie Godiva vs 40 BARRS” is the main event of the evening.

QOTR VLADTV Interview 1


Chilla Jones Lists His Favorite Up and Coming Emcees + More


Here’s The Chilla Jones Interview That You Didn’t See Yet

Chilla Jones Maserati Matt

You will never see me jump in the ring with an emcee [that] I know I can kill. -Chilla Jones

Here’s the in depth Chilla Jones interview that you haven’t seen yet.  The video runs about 49 minutes long. In it, Chilla Jones breaks down the behind the scenes issues with the JC vs Chilla Jones battle and talks about his strategy going into the DNA vs. Chilla Jones battle. Some topics the conversation touched on were how Chilla feels about judged battles, crowd interaction during battles and the state of the Shark Tank battle league.

This interview was published back  in February so I’m surprised that it only has about 500 views. The best interviews always flow like a conversation. Shout out to The Maserati Life for puttin’ this out:

**The Maserati Life** Episode 1/Interview w/ Chilla Jones



Charlie Clips & DNA Speak on Fighting In Battle Rap


Charlie Clips & DNA Speak on Fighting In Battle Rap

Clips and DNA

Charlie Clips and DNA spoke to VladTV about the possibility of getting emotional during a battle.

Charlie Clips also gave his take on the fight between Math Hoffa and Serius Jones that occurred at Summer Madness 3. Clips was reluctant to call the initial blow a “sucker punch.”

SMACK/ URL Affiliate GO-RILLA WARFARE Has A New Event Coming Up!!

The Go-Rilla Warfare battle league in conjunction with Black Ice Cartel have put together a bar heavy card for the upcoming “Awakening” event scheduled for October 19th. The card includes names like Mickey Factz,Cortez, Chilla Jones, JC, DNA, Charlie Clips, Big Kannon, Midwest Miles, and Danja Zone.  The official trailer for the event is posted below:


ChillaCharlie Clips 1Mickey Factz 1Mickey Factz vs Danja Zone