Grind Time Now presents: Money Bagz vs John John Da Don

Grind Time Now presents: Money Bagz Vs John John Da Don

#FollowTheLeader – Hosted By Poison Pen

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This is a fly battle from a couple years back that should probably have more views!! It is John John Da Don [New York] vs Money Bagz [New York]



GTN Rap Battle Conceited vs Arsonal [Full Battle]

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Originally aired in 5 parts ,Conceited vs Arsonal pulled in a record setting 6.7 million views (and counting). Grind Time now presents the full battle to watch the whole way through.


GTN Rap Battle-Conceited vs Arsonal (Full Battle)

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Arsonal vs Dizaster [Rap Battle]

GrindTimeNow.Net: Arsonal vs Dizaster Uploaded by Drect on Jun 27, 2010

Massacre of the Bay: The main event of MOB, here it is in all its controversial glory! The beast from the east, Arsonal makes the trip out from Newark to go up against LA’s own Dizaster. This one ends in an interesting way….WATCH THE CHAOS UNFOLD IN ARSONAL VS DIZASTER!